Some antibiotic stewardship stories and big challenges in education at #ASMMicrobe2016

By Oliver J Dyar   This post includes talks from two sessions at the 2016 ASM Microbe meeting: Antimicrobial stewardship II and Big challenges in pre-clinical med student microbiology education. … Continue Reading →

More #AntimicrobialStewardship at #ASMMicrobe2016: Success stories

By Bojana Beovic ASM Microbe 2016 is plenty of sessions on Antimicrobial Stewardship. Lucky you a team of ESGAP member is live reporting on them!!. This piece deals with Saturday … Continue Reading →

Controversies in #AntimicrobialStewardship #ASMMicrobe2016 coverage by @ESGAP_ABS (June 18, 2016)

By Benedikt Huttner This is the first ESGAP summary on antimicrobial stewardship activities at ASM Microbe 2016, that is being held in Boston, and deals with the symposium “Controversies in … Continue Reading →

From development to implementation? The 2016 IDSA Antibiotic Stewardship Guidelines – a personal assessment

By Benedikt Huttner After nine years the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) has now published an update of its antibiotic stewardship (ABS) guidelines (in collaboration with SHEA).1,2 ou can … Continue Reading →

Antimicrobial Therapy in Practice. Madrid, November 10-12, 2016. Save the Date #ESGAP #ESCMID

Antibiotics are amongst the most commonly used drugs, and any physician at one time or another will prescribe them. However, while treatment of such infections is becoming increasingly complicated due … Continue Reading →

Day #4 at #ECCMID2016: Last but not least. @ESGAP_ABS selection of posters & sessions

by Oliver Dyar It was an action-packed day for antibiotic stewardship at ECCMID today, ranging from evolutionary microbiology, to strategies to improve antibiotic use in outpatient and inpatient settings.   … Continue Reading →

Day 2 (Summary) @ #ECCMID2016. Keeping track of #AntimicrobialStewardship and other IT issues

I´m adapting to (some of) the new IT tools at #ECCMID2016. While, as said yesterday, the App is not very user-friendly, nor intuitive, I have to say that ECCMID live (Web) … Continue Reading →

ESGAP @ #ECCMID2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Are you going to miss it?

  #ECCMID2016 is about to start. ESGAP (ESCMID Study Group for Antibiotic Policies) participates in several sessions, which we believe that can be of interest to you.   In addition, we … Continue Reading →

Are you gonna miss this event?: Pre-ECCMID ESGAP Course on Antimicrobial Stewardship.

Is antimicrobial stewardship part of your daily activities? Do you feel the need to refurbish your institution’s antimicrobial stewardship program? Are you getting involved in the set up of a fresh … Continue Reading →

Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy (SWAB) releases a guideline on #AntimicrobialStewardship implementation

SWAB, the Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy, has published a guide to implementation of a stewardship program in hospitals  early 2015: “The Practical Guide Antimicrobral Stewardship in the Netherlands” … Continue Reading →