‘MY BUGS’: A smartphone app for the recording of antibiotic treatment information

By Kirsten E. Schaffer

We have developed a smartphone application ‘MyBugs’ for the recording of microbiology culture results and antibiotic treatments for patients with chronic diseases.


Patients suffering from chronic diseases attend hospitals frequently and become often infected with multidrug-resistant organisms (MDRO). Knowledge of MDRO colonization status is essential for appropriate antibiotic prescribing and for the implementation of infection control measures. Optimization of antibiotic prescribing is important to slow down resistance development.


The smartphone application ‘My Bugs’ could help to improve prescribing and infection control measures whilst also empowering patients to become more actively involved in their healthcare needs.


‘MyBugs’ is freely available for download in the Appstore or Googleplay store. If you would like to have additional information or for any suggestions please contact Kirsten.e.schaffer@ucd.ie and/or make a comment here, at ESGAP-OVLC blog.


Kirsten E. Schaffer

Senior Clinical Lecturer

School of Medicine

University College Dublin

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