How can you help clinicians prescribe antibiotics more appropriately ? Change the system and simplify their choice!

main_longlistSelective reporting of antibiotic susceptibility test results is one possible laboratory-based antibiotic stewardship intervention, illustrating the ‘less is more‘ concept.
A recently published ESGAP-EUCIC-EUCAST survey showed that selective reporting was implemented in 11/36 countries (31%), was partially implemented in 4/36 (11%) and was limited to local initiatives or was not adopted in 21/36 (58%). It was endorsed as standard of care by health authorities in only three countries. The organisation of selective reporting was everywhere independently managed by each laboratory, with a pronounced intra- and inter-country variability. Several barriers to implementation were reported, mainly lack of guidelines, poor system support, insufficient resources, and lack of professionals’ capability.
We thus need to move forward in this area.
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