10 minutes e-learning: management of primary care patients with acute cough (while reducing unnecessary antibiotic use)

cough-etiquetteThis e-learning resource from TRACE and The Tipping Point features a 10 minute review of the 8 elements for an effective consultation. It challenges you to unlock the related patient booklet ‘Caring for coughs’.


For this e-learning a multidisciplinary team of primary care researchers and experts in learning theories very carefully adapted the most effective part of the online GRACE INTRO intervention (Lancet 2013;382:1175-82), i.e. online communication skills training supported by a patient booklet to be used interactively during the consultation and endorsed by the European Antibiotic Awareness Day. This intervention has shown to effectively and safely reduce antibiotic prescribing for patients presenting to primary care with acute cough (respiratory infections) in Belgium, England, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Wales, and participating clinicians and patients were very keen to use the tools provided (J Gen Intern Med 2015;30;408-16 and npj Prim Care Resp Med 2014;24:14026, respectively). Take the challenge here.

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  • Sathish Kumar says:

    Very useful learning for primary care. Engaging real conversations with the patients can go a long way in clearing their worries. Sometimes, patients just want to get back to work as early as possible with a quick solution. It is certainly hard to convince some patients but this tool gives some handy tips.

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