EU report on the implementation of the (2001) recommendation on the prudent use of antibiotics

flag_yellow_lowThe European Commission relased a report (download report here) on the implementation of the Council recommendation of 15 November 2001 on the prudent use of antimicrobial agents in human medicine. This report is based on a survey conducted by the Commission (DG Sante) and Bordeaux University / Inserm CR 1219 in 2015. 


Twenty-nine EU/EEA Member States responded to the survey questionnaire to describe their organization, governance and activities implemented to control antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and promote rational use of antimicrobials. In the report, detailed information can be found on national provisions regarding antimicrobial stewardship requirements and resources, infection control, and on the use of indicators.


Regarding main findings, some activities were widespread in Europe

  • surveillance
  • systems for alert and early reporting of specific multidrug-resistant bacteria of public health concern
  • awareness campaigns
  • healthcare workers education
  • actions to improve antimicrobial prescribing practices.


Assessment of results, using appropriate indicators, and the use of behavioural sciences to design awareness campaigns were still to improve.


Moreover, huge differences among countries in the governance and the scope of national strategies and action plans were highlighted. For instance, the nursing homes sector was addressed in few countries.


This report brings useful information for decision makers and for healthcare professionals involved in AMR prevention and control. It will be used by the Commission to define its next action plan. Let’s hope it will also foster improvements in all countries, above all in countries with the least comprehensive programmes!


More information on DG santé website (See here)

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