Day 1 #AntimicrobialStewardship at #ECCMID2016


ECCMID 2016 has started with around 11,000 attendees making this conference, again, a top of the class. Despite some technical difficulties with the Conference App and Website we made our way (that is what I am going to tell you here).


Some comments regarding IT in ECCMID 2016:

  • A web App might not be a good idea when so many people are offline during the conference and the periconference period (plane trips, commuting to the RAI conference center and so on).
  • Sessions (synchronous voice recording and slides) are rapidly uploaded to
  • If you want to know what is going on antimicrobial stewardship-wise live, follow @ESGAP_ABS and @AntibioticLeeds, really RF (rapid finger) twitter accounts, especially the last one.


Here you have some highlights of 09/APR/2016 sessions from an antimicrobial stewardship perspective:

08:45 to 10:45: “Translating PK/PD concepts into the clinics” (EW009) a three half-an-hour sessions educational workshop that provided interesting input on how dosing of antimicrobials can or cannot improve outcomes. Some interesting take-home messages

11:00 to 13:00: – “Contemporary trial methods in clinical effectiveness research” (EW015 ) A mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, ***** session presented by 4 of world key opinion leaders in infectious diseases trying to address the barriers that hamper gaining knowledge on how infections should be treated (Don´t forget that this is the base that antimicrobial stewardship programs should bring into practice.

  • How to improve the quality of observational studies assessing the impact of antimicrobial therapy (I finally understood what a propensity score is) bu Jesús Rodríguez-Baño.
  • Room for improvement in informed constents and how POC-randomization might be a solution by Angela Huttner
  • Limitations of randomized clinical trials (RCT) and how cluster-RCT might address them by Marc Bonten
  • How patients excluded from clinical trials can tell us a lot (despite usually ignored) by Leonard Leibovici.

13:30-15:30 “Approaches to individualized therapy in an era of bacterial multi drug resistance” (SY-027) a very nice 2-hour session addressing the role of individualized medicine in 4 hot topics: a) PK/PD (William W Hope) b) Monotherapy vs combination (Evelina Taconelli) c) Duration of therapy via biomarkers (Virigine Vitrat) and d) Whole Genome Sequencing (Sandra Reuter). Pay attention to Saturn Project a multi center study trying to measure the impact of several antimicrobial regimens on the frequency of colonization during hospital admissions.

16:30 to 18:30 “Challenging complex infections for ID physicians” (SY-033) If providing expert advice is part of good antimicrobial stewardship this session was a must. Neurological implants-associated infections (Anna Conen), Mediastinitis (Olivier Epaulard), External necrotizing otitis (Celine Pulcini) and Pacemakers, intracardiac devices and TAVI endocarditis.


To end, what it is for us, the Tweet of the day (@AntibioticLeeds, of course) with some nice antimicrobial stewardship posters from Hospital La Paz, Madrid, presented by Carolina Navarro (@carolansf) at her ESBL talk.

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