Share (here) your Antibiotic Awareness Week with the #ABXSteward Community


EAAD (European Antibiotic Awareness Day) and the global Antibiotic Awareness Week (see related OVLC post) provide an opportunity to inform medical society and lay public about the problems of antimicrobial resistance and proper use of the precious antimicrobial drugs.


As antimicrobial stewards do form an open community, this event is a fantastic opportunity for the professionals, who are involved in antimicrobial stewardship in Europe and beyond, to exchange their experiences and help each other by sharing good practices and tools that have been proven successful.


Therefore, ESGAP encourages everyone to share their plans and experiences during the EAAD/Global Antibiotic Awareness Week.

– We will be pleased to publish in this site short stories on your activities during EAAD/Global Antibiotic Awareness Week 2015. Please, include your stories as comments to this post.

– If you will to share copies of educational materials, photos and so on…please include the link in your comment or send the files to this e-mail.

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