A potpourri of sites and resources for antimicrobial stewardship


e-Bug website

Lots of useful and freely available educational resources are available on the e-Bug website. e-Bug is a European initiative, aiming at improving the education of children and teenagers about antibiotics, bacterial resistance, vaccination and hygiene.

BAPCOC resources

The Belgian national commission for antibiotic stewardship (BAPCOC) also makes freely available on its website lots of useful documents (in English), including one comic explaining antibiotic resistance.

ECDC resources for the European Antibiotic Awareness day

The 18th November is an opportunity for you to raise awareness about antibiotics and bacterial resistance ! Lots of useful resources (leaflets, info graphics, social media…), translated in many languages are freely available on the ECDC website.

BSAC Massive Online Open Course on Antimicrobial Stewardship

This free online e-learning course, coordinated by Dilip Nathwani, former ESGAP chair un current BSAC chair will be available from the 28th September. Enjoy the interactivity of a MOOC in a fascinating topic such as antimicrobial stewardship!!!
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