CIDRAP-ASP a brilliant repository for antimicrobial information and resources to have at reach

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy CIDRAP Antimicrobial Stewardship Project (CIDRAP-ASP) at the University of Minnesota seeks to be a high-quality, international repository for experiential- and evidence-based antimicrobial stewardship information and resources.  … Continue Reading →

‘MY BUGS’: A smartphone app for the recording of antibiotic treatment information

By Kirsten E. Schaffer We have developed a smartphone application ‘MyBugs’ for the recording of microbiology culture results and antibiotic treatments for patients with chronic diseases. . Patients suffering from … Continue Reading →

“How to Improve Antibiotic Use in my Hospital: A Practical Introduction to AS” ESGAP-WHO Collaboration

On January 25-26, 2017, ESGAP held its first course in collaboration with WHO/Europe: “How to Improve Antibiotic Use in My Hospital: a Practical Introduction to Antibiotic Stewardship“. The course was … Continue Reading →

10 minutes e-learning: management of primary care patients with acute cough (while reducing unnecessary antibiotic use)

This e-learning resource from TRACE and The Tipping Point features a 10 minute review of the 8 elements for an effective consultation. It challenges you to unlock the related patient booklet ‘Caring for coughs’. . … Continue Reading →

Do your patients know your local antibiotic resistance rates?

By Oliver Dyar Public Health England have recently made local data publicly available on five important topics: antimicrobial resistance antibiotic prescribing healthcare associated infections infection prevention and control and antibiotic … Continue Reading →

Proposals of the National French Special Working Group for Keeping Antibiotics Effective

A national Antibiotic plan has been running in France since 2001. The French Ministry of Health set up a multidisciplinary Task force in January 2015, to suggest priority actions to … Continue Reading →

Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy (SWAB) releases a guideline on #AntimicrobialStewardship implementation

SWAB, the Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy, has published a guide to implementation of a stewardship program in hospitals  early 2015: “The Practical Guide Antimicrobral Stewardship in the Netherlands” … Continue Reading →

Share (here) your Antibiotic Awareness Week with the #ABXSteward Community

EAAD (European Antibiotic Awareness Day) and the global Antibiotic Awareness Week (see related OVLC post) provide an opportunity to inform medical society and lay public about the problems of antimicrobial resistance and … Continue Reading →

Bravo et Merci. France and the Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance. National Report Just Released

The French Ministry of Health made a comprehensive report on antibiotic resistance public on the 23rd September.   This report, written by a multidisciplinary panel of more than 100 experts, … Continue Reading →

A potpourri of sites and resources for antimicrobial stewardship

e-Bug website Lots of useful and freely available educational resources are available on the e-Bug website. e-Bug is a European initiative, aiming at improving the education of children and teenagers … Continue Reading →